Blockchain advertising is back in the video age

1 min readMar 2, 2022

Adshares ($ADS) protocol now enables video ads.

In a yet another systemic update — the Adshares protocol now enables buying and placing video advertisements across the Web. Advertisers can upload and distribute .mp4 files as an addition to present graphic and HTML.

The world jumped on the blockchain bandwagon — yet web3 advertising went back to static banners and direct salesmanship.

There are even ad networks already in operation across the Virtual Worlds — collecting site owners with advertisers. Yet majority of ad deals are done personally, directly, and negotiated one by one.

Same goes for advertising formats — we got used to rich media ad formats on portals. Come web3 — and we are back to .GIF and .JPG.

So far, our HTML banner gave the opportunity to embed an .mp4 file stored elsewhere.

Now — the advertisers may upload mp4 files directly to the ad server.

This new addition may seem small. I mean — we could do it in a DIY manner — why bother? We bothered — because we’re striving everyday to create the most ad tech- and user-friendly blockchain advertising protocol” — said Maciej Pilarczyk, Adshares Head of Product.




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