Adshares (ADS) Circulating Supply Adjustment

Adshares ADS Circulating Supply

Since a few weeks ago, we have been engaged on a daily basis in preparing the “rebirth” of Adshares.

It doesn’t mean that till now, Adshares has been a sleeping project but that we were only focused on developing what we have announced a few years ago, in a strictly technical point of view. This is done, adshares network is more than ready and a lot of publishers and advertisers have joined and use it regularly.

Being transparent, offering a trustful, efficient and smart technology is a part of our DNA.

Today, we have decided to act in this way and to show how respectful we are from our community and our holders. The Circulating Supply shown on Coinmarket and Coingecko was incorrect. So we act to correct that and reflect the reality. With this adjustment, it’s now only 15 653 207 ADS in circulation.

What does it mean for all ads holders? More price growth potential.

We will announce in the next few days a revisited tokenomics and our new business roadmap.

Be sure that all of this is a part of our engagement, in our faith in your support and in our values.

Stay tuned!




Blockchain revolution in Advertising. Web3 protocol for Ad Tech.

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Blockchain revolution in Advertising. Web3 protocol for Ad Tech.

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